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First Impressions - Top 10 Anime Superpowers

Hello and welcome to First Impressions.

Anime is an awesome thing, there’s no denying it. Especially when it gets into the area of superpowers. Not only does it go into creative ways to use other powers, it also creates some amazing an terrifying ones. So, I’ll be counting down the 10 best anime superpowers. What defines being a super power thought. Personally, I believe that a superpower is some sort or super natural or bizarre power that effects the world around the user/the user that doesn’t come from an outside source. I also will be using specific powers and not generalizations. So, lets get started with number 10

10. Zombie - Are you a Zombie?

This is a relatively new power as the anime just came out last year. The main character of Are You a Zombie? is….. well a zombie. As a zombie, his body isn’t limited like humans are (meaning they can’t use 100% of their muscle strength) and is able to exceed the limitations and use up to 200% of his strength. It’s unknown if this includes immortality as he can die from fire but as survived many deaths many more times. This power is low enough on the list sense there are a lot of weaknesses that come with it from fire to being in the sun. Even still those with power of the zombie will send you, quite literally, to hell.

9. Vacuum Creation - Darker Than Black

Not only is Darker than Black a very good anime, it also has made a majority of the more creative and horrific super powers in existence. One of which being Vacuum Creation. Incase you aren’t privy to what a vacuum is, it is an area void of matter. ALL matter. Now this doesn’t mean that you can make people stop existing, but you can plain suck out all air from a closed space or area in general in less than a second. I wont go to into detail about what happens to people after that but…. lets just say, be grateful that the character doesn’t have this power anymore.

8. Matter Substitution - Darker That Black

I know it’s kind of cheating to use two different powers from the same anime, but this one grabbed my attention as being a mixture of both a re-imagining of a power and a new one all together. Matter Substitution might as well be a fancy way to say Teleportation. However this power is much more versatile and has a deeper grounding in science where teleportation has flaws. Cause none of these powers are flawed in terms of science. While teleportation is just disappearing one place and appearing in another, Matter Substitution replaces ones matter and mass with another. Where you would be, stone or water would be in your shape. But it doesn’t end there. You can substitute any matter you touch with any part of the opponents body. Now about why I put this above the power that pretty much kills instantly. I did this because unlike #9, Matter Substitution has more that you can do with it. It’s good for offense and defense. And by defense I mean running the hell away.

7. Super Saiyan - Dragon Ball Z

I knew everyone was going to kill me if I didn’t have this on the top ten. However I shall not let go of my sense of reasoning, and thats why I put it here. Now even I have to admit, this is the perfect power for playing balls-to-the-wall offense. You get flight, super strength, super speed. You get to shoot lasers the size of mini vans just by blowing your nose. The down side is that you turn blond every time you do it and loose half your IQ. None the less, Super Saiyan is one of the greatest Super powers on earth because if it’s not, it blows it up.

6. Alchemy - Full Metal Alchemist

Strongly rooted in science while still maintaining a bizarre air about it, Alchemy finds itself at number 6. I put alchemy here mainly because of the second step of alchemy, deconstruction. Scar, a character in FMA, can break apart anything he touches. Alchemy can also create anything, so long as the proper ingredients at there. You can make weapons, walls, doors, holes, toys. Absolutely anything. Once in a fight, alchemy becomes mans science experiment from hell.

5. Pika Pika Fruit - One Piece  

How amazingly bad ass is this? From a devil fruit eaten by a marine, the Pika Pika fruit lets the user turn their body into light. This not only makes him impossible to hit, it also lets him shoot lasers and travel at the speed of light! He can blind you and even condense light into solid shapes. Anyone with this power will be the last thing you never see.

4. Vectors - Elfin Lied

A power of the Diclonius, Vectors are the invisible arms that spam from 3 to 11 meters in length. From an outside point, it just looks like people are getting torn apart in the most horrifying ways possible. Their stronger then normal arms and can break almost anything. The user may still be killed, but good luck getting close enough.

3. Ultimate Vampire - Hellsing Ultimate

Ahem. Allow me to list the powers. Immortality, Invulnerability, Advanced Regeneration, Superhuman senses, Superhuman speed, Superhuman strength, Intangibility, Defiance/manipulation of gravity, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Telepathy, Hypnosis, Sharpshooting skills, Summons of familiars, Creation of fledgelings, Advanced Combat, Memory absorption (through victims’ blood), High resistance to most vampire weaknesses, Unable to be killed as long as he wills it. NEXT!

2. Lelouches Geass - Code Geass

This is the most over powered power I’ve seen to date. Lelouch can order anyone to do anything. No questions, they just follow the order. Order them to die, they shoot their heads out. Order them to make you king, “God save the king.” This pretty much is a special type of mind control with some limitations. He must maintain eye contact for it to work and it can’t work on the same person twice. However this hardly matters when you can order people to die and they happily reply “Yes, Your Highness!”

1. Immortality/”Hyper Regeneration”- Baccano!

What can I say? Nobody can beat these people. While the other powers can be great for kicking the ever living crap out of the other person and being as smart about winning as possible, FMA has the most important rule of science that makes this power so dangerous. Nothing disappears. Nothing is ever lost. It just gets smaller and smaller until it can’t be seen. The immortals from Baccano not only don’t die, but they regenerate from any injury even if their killed. They will regenerate and come back to life. Now I know what you’re saying,

"But Okashido, what about the Spirit Bomb or the other powerful lasers that disintegrated people?"

Well there’s the thing. They were disintegrated, not destroyed. They would regenerate after that. Now even though Ultimate Vampire had both Immortality and Superhuman Regeneration, it could have been beaten by Geass because Lelouch could make the order to “willingly kill yourself”. Immortality is the only power that none of the other powers can possibly beat.

I’m Okashido and these were my First Impressions.

What should I review next?

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